Monitoring Human Exploitation of Tropical Forests

The tropical forests of Central America are increasingly under environmental pressure from unchartered threats and the evaluation of forest degradation from underneath the forest canopy is yet to be quantified. This project looks at designing a low-cost acoustic monitoring system to provide evidence of human exploitation in the tropical forests of Belize. Working with Professor Alex Rogers at the University of Oxford, Peter PrinceProfessor Patrick Doncaster and Dr Jake Snaddon at the University of Southampton this work looks at preserving the integrity of the Mesoamerican biological corridor in Belize.

Ultrasonic Bat Monitoring

The custom designed hardware is capable of recording ultrasonic frequencies up to 133kHz. Over the last year we have deployed the acoustic logger in several location around the UK and currently have 24 devices monitoring rare bat species in Madeira.

Monitoring Endangered Species

Over the spring of 2016 we deployed 64 devices in the New Forest as part of an on going ambition to find the extremely rare insect called The New Forest Cicada. The strategy is called the New Forest Cicada Project and is run from Oxford University by Professor Alex Rogers. 


Example Recordings


Cicada Hunt